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About us

Looking for a specialist sports medical, rehabilitation, or health and fitness advice? AMMFitness is a great way to start.

Our website has everything that you could need, not only educational content to help you to understand this area more, but also online shopping services where you can purchase products that covers sports injury, sports medicine as well as improving your overall health and fitness.

It is our aim to ensure that everyone who visits our website can gain a greater understanding of their own particular sports injury. We encourage them to use our website alongside their current treatment plan or advice from their doctors.

Our website contains not only a number of quality products, but also a wealth of information on why/how to use them. All of this information is free to view and easy to access and understand, as well as always reaching an incredibly high, expert standard too.


Our Products

We are proud to stock a wide range of different products that are designed to protect and support the user, particularly during the difficult recovery period after surgery.

These products include:

 About us ankle supportAbout us arm and elbow supportAbout us back supportAbout us knee supportAbout us shoulder supportAbout us thumb and wrist support    

Our products could be used short term for recovery of a minor injury, or perhaps to help with mild and moderate pain that is related to long term conditions. Giving you a way to enjoy pain free exercise. Best of all, our products are perfect for use with other treatments and therapies such as medication or physiotherapy.

All with the aim to allow you to gain the pre-injury levels of physical fitness and get yourself back to 100% as soon as possible after an injury!


Our Services

Without our customers, we have no business. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we are focused on providing the very best standards of quality, value and service. We recognise that customer service is a key component to our success and we have worked hard to make sure that this is something that we excel in. Our customers are always well informed throughout the entire process and are able to follow our service and order process from the start to the end. Throughout all stages.

Despite our articles containing a wide range of information that can prove valuable for any injury or condition, we always recommend that they should not be used in the place of professional medical advice, but instead alongside it.


Information and Advice Resource

All of the information and advice presented on our website is provided to the highest standard. It is free to use and easy to access and can be used for a variety of situations. Not only prevent sports injuries, but also treating current injuries and providing a boost to general health, nutrition and fitness.

We are always working hard to improve our site and we understand that providing new and updated information is key to ensuring that we grow and that our visitors have everything that they need to improve their general well-being.