Calories Burned By Heart Rate

The Heart Rate-Based Calorie Burn Calculator provides you with an estimate of the number of calories you burn during a moderate to vigorous workout. Base the calories you burn on the average heart rate while exercising, the length of the workout session, and your age.

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Using the Calories Burned By Heart Rate Calculator

You shouldn’t have any problems using the “Calories Burned by Heart Rate Calculator.” The Calculator is simple to use. Choose from the drop-down boxes and complete the fields.

They are as follows:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Exercise Time (based on minutes)

Remember, you will need a monitor to determine your average heart rate. You can buy one at any sports store or store that sells exercise or equipment.

The monitor is usually not very expensive and are compact devices. You probably have seen these monitors on some of the better exercise machines in the gym.

Click the button to calculate your results.

It only takes a few seconds to get the total calories burned based on your heart rate. Provided that you understand the connection between your metabolism and your heart rate, burning more calories will take on new meaning.

The heart rate is essential to how many calories you burn. You should get your heart rate up to about 90-150 bpm.

To get an accurate number of the calories you burn, include your gender, length of exercise and your weight in the calculation. To get the best measurement, enforce interval training.

Let me explain: Start your exercise with short bursts of intense exercises followed by longer intervals of low impact exercises. Studies prove interval training is perfect for overweight individuals struggling to lose weight or maintain a certain body weight.

It’s faster than some of the other programs that claim to help you lose weight double-quick.

Disclaimer:You want to use this model only as a guide. It is not intended to replace medical treatments or advice from your physician. We highly suggest speaking with your local physician before starting or stopping any changes to your diet or lifestyle.