Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

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The Wall Mounted Pull Up/ Chin Up Bar allows you to perform pull ups easily and safely. Pull ups and chin ups are one of the staple exercises that should be a part of everyone’s workout routine, especially if you want to strengthen you back. You can change the emphasis of the parts of your body you target, the wider grip is going to activate the lats primarily, but if you take a narrow grip, your biceps are going to be involved in the movement a little more.

Your pull up bar at home will be mounted on the wall and can be used safely. Pre-checks are essential to make sure that the place of mounting is stable and can support body weight before setting up.


  • Wall Mounted Chin Up / Pull Up Bar designed for home training
  • Ergonomically designed for extra comfort
  • Ideal addition to any home gym
  • Safe to use up to 120Kgs
  • Comes with all fixings

Note: please ensure the bar is securely mounted to a suitable surface prior to use.


Additional information

Additional Information

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Using the Pull-Up Bar

Pull ups are an extremely effective compound exercise that is included in many peoples regular work out routines. A straight forward movement, the benefits of regular pull ups will be felt in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Properly performed pulls up will also help in improving your posture and grip strength, as well as your overall fitness. By no means, the easiest of exercises, adding a set of pull ups into your weekly work out will build strength and give you a good sense of achievement.


To perform a pull-up, begin by gripping the bar in an overhand grip, ensuring you have grasped it firmly so you not slip. Check that your hands are about a shoulders width apart, so you are not over stretching, and then your hang arms straight from the bar. It is now time to pull yourself upwards towards the bar. A full pull up is when your chest is nearly touching the bar and your chin is over it. Once you have gotten to this stage, begin to let yourself down in a controlled and even manner.

Training Tips

When performing your pull ups, try to remember to keep your body straight at all times. You should always feel in control of your movements allowing your natural strength to perform the exercise. Avoid arching your back or swinging. The pressure should be on your muscles and not your spine. Your feet should never be touching the floor when performing the exercise. Keep your legs straight or bent at the knees with your feet crossed. This will help in maintaining the correct posture of the pull-up.

Warning Tips

Remember to always lock out your elbows when you are in the extended position. Failing to do this can cause injury to your elbows. The key to properly performing pull ups is to keep yourself in control at all times. Slow and even reps will be the most effective, as faster reps will mean less control and a higher risk of injury to yourself. Always control your movements, both in the motion of the pull-up and when you are lowering yourself down to finish the set. It should also be noted that relaxing your body too much, while in the initial start position, can put a lot of stress on your shoulder joints and should be avoided.

5 reviews for Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

  1. 5 out of 5

    Fred W. (verified owner)

    Great product, use it every morning

  2. 5 out of 5

    richardashworth (verified owner)

    Excellent pull-up bar for home use. Heavy duty, feels safe and easy to use.
    Great value for money.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kevin Brown (verified owner)

    Very easy and comfortable grip installation took a bit of time but overall very pleased.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Raheem Osman (verified owner)

    does the job perfectly, thanks

  5. 5 out of 5

    Victor Jacobs (verified owner)

    A really good purchase, very comfortable, easy to install and use. I would recommend it as a good addition to a home gym

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