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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Wall mounted pull up/chin up bar, Ergonomically designed to provide extra comfort. Foam padding grip.. Product #: RF001 Regular price: $24.99 $24.99

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Product Code: RF001

Product Information

The Wall Mounted Pull Up/ Chin Up Bar allows you to perform pull ups easily and safetly. Pull ups and chin ups are one of the staple exercises that should be a part of everyone’s workout routine, especially if you want to have a wide back and bring out the details of the upper back and lats. You can change the emphasis of the parts of your body you target, the wider grip is going to activate the lats primarily, but if you take a narrow grip, your biceps are going to be involved in the movement a little more.

Your pull up bar at home will be mounted on the wall and you can use it safely, provided that you weight no more than 120kg. You have to also make sure that the place you are mounting the bar to is stable and can support your weight before setting it up.


Wall Mounted Chin Up / Pull Up Bar

Ergonomically designed for extra comfort

Ideal addition to any home gym

Safe to use up to 120Kgs

Comes with all fixings

Note: Customer must ensure this is securely mounted to a suitable surface prior to use.


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