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Transform your body

Exercise resistant bands are the new fitness craze helping you tone up your thighs, calves, bums and tums

Increases your workout options

The best tool to achieve an effective resistance workout. Because of their size the glute bands are portable and fits perfectly in your bag when travelling.

Allows you to target specific muscles

. The Glute band allows you to perform various exercises to Isolate and target specific muscles including Quadriceps, Glutes, Calves and Abs muscles.

Stretch and Durable Glute Band

Durable Stretch Technology

Made with unique fabric that allow repeated stretching without losing elasticity

Anti-slip Strip

Slip-resistant lining on the inside of the band to prevent slipping and rolling when performing exercises

Premium Materials

Made from high quality materials that allows you to exercise comfortably for longer periods


Your Questions Answered

Do these glute bands work for strength training?

Using resistance bands in strength training is a good way to build and define muscles, increase joint strength and burn more calories. As you use the resistance bands and change movement, you will feel different levels of tension; this is your body’s way of letting you know the muscles you are defining.

Are these glute bands good for stretching?

Resistance bands are great for stretching as they are flexible, adaptable and deepen any stretch further.

Do these Glute resistance bands tone your body?

To get the best results when toning your body, resistance bands are encouraged, as they are known for building muscle strength and endurance without the need for weights. As you change movement and pull on the resistance bands, the strength required will adapt accordingly.

Do these glute bands tend to roll or pinch?

Glute resistance bands do not roll or pinch because the new design has now have rubber latex thread inside the exercise bands to prevent slipping and shedding whilst providing all the required resistance for a full glute workout.

How do I use the glute bands?

The best thing about resistance bands is that anyone can use them, pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time working out, if you are a professional athlete, the process is the same – You simply place your band on the floor, step inside it (you can sit down, put your feet through the band one at a time and then stand up). Once you are standing up, depending on the intensity of the exercise you want, you will place the band high, low or even above the knees.

For more resistance band exercise ideas, go to our resistance band exercises page.


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Customers reviews

I love these bands, I bought these because of issues with my previous bands which was made from latex and would move around resulting in me stopping the exercise halfway through. The fabric is quite thick and comfortable. Overall impressed with these
Eleanor Marshall
I am very happy with the bands. They do the job perfectly and are extremely comfortable, I can really feel my glutes activating when using these bad boys and much better than other booty bands.
Mila Kunis
Ordered these for rehabilitation after an injury. I am slowly getting back in the gym and have used these to work up back to weights but looks like I would be using these with the weights. I would suggest buying a bigger size just because I bought a small and it was very tight.
Mike Sendler

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