Thumb & Wrist Supports

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Both athletes and the general public use hand and wrist support braces for an array of accidents, varying from professional sports injuries to workplace incidents.

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Sprains are common injuries that require the use of hand and wrist support braces. A sprain occurs when the hand or wrist is forced to bend, resulting in one or more of the many ligaments in the wrist/hand being stretched or torn. For example, falling onto an outstretched hand could force the wrist to bend and result in a sprained wrist. A thumb sprain is another common sprain. This injury occurs when an individual’s thumb experiences a high impact force, such as a fall or being bent. Here, multiple ligaments can tear. Thumb and wrist supports and braces are used in the treatment of many medical injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, repetitive strain injury, broken wrist, fractured scaphoid, Colles fracture, sprained wrist, a fractured radius and a fractured ulna.

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