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ammfitness Neoprene Adjustable Knee Support Fully adjustable knee support brace providing compression for weak and unstable knees.. Product #: KS004 Regular price: $7.99 $7.99

Neoprene Adjustable Knee Support


Product Code: KS004

Product Information

Suitable to the final stages of rehabilitation from Osteoarthritis & Patella knee injury, as well as for gym work afterwards, this top quality Neoprene Patella knee brace offers increased elasticity to provide you with knee support that does not make you have to compromise on mobility. A patella knee injury does not have to prevent from resuming all of the activities you used to do before in the gym or outdoors, just try the Neoprene patella knee brace and see for yourself.

The knee brace is ideal for football, climbing, rugby, tennis, running and allows flexability & support of the knee for many other sports.

Size: 31.8cm - 40.6cm ( Knee Circumference)