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ammfitness Magnetic Knee Support Strap Magnetic knee brace aids knee support and Circulation. Strategically placed magnets reduces swelling.. Product #: KS002 Regular price: $9.99 $9.99

Magnetic Knee Support Strap


Product Code: KS002

Product Information

Made from white stretch cotton which absorbs moisture and makes it easy to pull on.

Easily adjustable to give the right fit and pressure and can be worn over a long period of time.

Offers good pain relief from injuries, sprains and muscle strain. It is also suited for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

The magnetic property makes it effective for the support of over stressed or weak knees. It is also a good sports companion as it provides injury protection while in the gym or during other sporting activities.

The Neoprene is overlaid with stretch nylon on both sides to provide good compression and heat retention for proper blood circulation. It also helps to reduce and prevent further swelling.

The magnets also help in blood circulation and speeds up the healing process of the joints and muscles.

It comes with adjustable Velcro fastening for comfortable fit firmness on the knee.