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Personal Trainers in Liverpool

Health and fitness is a science and knowledge of the human biology is required when setting fitness goals. Achieving your desired fitness level is not just about attending the gym or exercise classes, it is about understand the science behind it all. Unfortunately, gyms oversubscribe members because they know most members will not be able to achieve their goals, however, they will continue to pay for their membership with the desire of one day ‘getting there’.

Personal trainers are qualified professionals who understand the human anatomy and science behind food, exercise, mindset. In fact, a research by The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine identified 73% of the study group moved up a stage in their progress after just 10 weeks of working out with a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are best placed to help anyone with a fitness goal because their job is to help you get the best results, in the shortest time frame. Instead of focusing on diet and exercise alone, they will help you identify your fitness strength and weaknesses, design a fitness routine for you, teach you how to make healthier choices, which in-turn will allow you to achieve your goals and live a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

Personal Trainers

Check out Personal Trainers Based in Liverpool

PW Fitness


PW Fitness is a well established personal trainer that has helped so many people get fit, healthy and most importantly change there life. The track record and reviews speak for themselves, with a high personal feel and the experience shows. Giving the client and customer a high level of learning and guidance along the way.

Redha Zertal Fitness


Redha Zertal Fitness provide expert personal training and nutrition programmes for all ages and fitness abilities. Each programme is tailored to your needs and fitness goals. I get incredible results by applying my expert knowledge to achieve the results you want whilst giving you the support you need to keep you going.

Personal trainers help you stay motivated

It is no secret the hardest part about exercise and diet and fitness in general is motivation. Whether it is motivation to go to the gym or stay on a particular diet, the hurdle of staying motivated is one thing all most all those trying to achieve their fitness goal alone are faced with pretty much everyday.

This is where a personal trainers comes in, during your 121 sessions, you are able to share your concerns and the personal trainer will help you find suitable solutions to help you stay motivated and on track – this is their job!

Personal trainers can prevent injury

A personal trainer will be able to give you professional advise on how to best perform your workout in the safest way. Thus, helping you prevent injury. After all, an injury not only affects you physically impacting your health, it will set you back from achieving your goal and having to start all over again and this time potentially having to work around a new injury – making your goal that much harder to achieve.

Personal trainers create personalised training plans

Not only is it important to know what workout to perform and food to eat, you must also know what workouts and meal plans will work for you because no two individuals are the same and each person’s needs are different. Therefore, a personal trainer will be dedicated to your personal needs and will design a workout routine and meal plan perfect for your requirements and lifestyle. 

This is never easy as it needs detailed specialists attention and if not done properly, you may not achieve your goal thus demotivating you, holding you back and even worse – potentially cause medical complications. A personal trainer’s job is to listen to you and your goals and apply their professional expertise to design the healthiest plan.

Personal trainers can educate you

A qualified personal trainer has to go through a rigorous training programme before their can call themselves a personal trainer because of this; they have the required knowledge about nutrition and the human anatomy. They are trained to teach you about exercise and not just about how to do it but why. They will also be able to tell you nutrition, detailing, what/ when and why you should eat certain types of food to achieve your goal. After all, diet is 80% of your fitness, it is important you get this right! For many, whilst you may find yourself on endless diet, you struggle to reach and maintain your desired goal and this could be for a number of reasons. 

A personal trainer will help you identify what mistakes you are making and help you correct them. For example, whilst portion control is important, it is just as important to ensure you are consuming the right amount of calories in the food you are eating. Also, avoid hidden calories in drinks or ‘healthy snacks’. A personal trainer will spot these small but mighty mistakes instantly.

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