Heavy Duty Resistance Loop Bands

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Resistance bands are fantastic versatile tools to increase your workout effort by adding resistance to stretching, lifting and bodyweight exercises such as assisted pull-ups and dips.

These resistant bands are made from the highest quality natural latex for longevity and strength. The latex contains no artificial Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) so there’s no rubbery smell; a godsend during a sweaty workout when things already aren’t as fragrant as you may like! Whether you’re a gym newbie or a seasoned workout warrior, there’s a band for you, and our sets span three different resistance to much your strength and goals.

These bands come in varying densities and strengths to suit them to differing workout levels, and ours come in three types.  Lighter bands work well for beginners, while medium and heavy-weight bands are targeted for those doing more intermediate and advanced strength training.

Light-weight and easily stored, they don’t take up much room in your gym bag and so can be taken wherever you’re headed to.

The bands also come in different lengths, so you can tailor your workouts according to your goals. A light band is ideal for rehabilitation and mobility work, or move up to the medium band for deadlift and weight workouts. The largest length work well for assisted pull-ups, powerlifting, squats and strongman exercises. Be sure to work with your ability and choose the right band for you.

  • EASILY transportable

    Exercise equipment are often bulky and heavy, but resistance bands weigh next to nothing… yet reap twice as many benefits as some gym items!

  • works for everyone!

    No matter your fitness level, body type or preferred exercise, you can easily incorporate resistance bands into your routine.

Sports injury rehab bands


Resistance bands can be used for injury rehabilitation. Physical therapists may use them in exercise routines for those recovering from a multitude of injuries, and they’re also frequently used in specialist exercise classes and routines.

resistance bands exercise


As you pull at a resistance band and feel the ‘burn’, tension increases in your muscles and they contract – making it feel tougher, but more beneficial! You can tweak the way you use your resistance band to increase tension; just ask your fitness professional for advice.

resistance loop bands


Resistance bands work with your ability rather than against. Difficult exercises are hard enough without resistance bands, but if used correctly, you can utilise the band to assist your progress rather than hinder it.

toning loop bands


For those lacking mobility and flexibility, adding a resistance band in to a stretch routine can increase motion range and deepen stretches to reach a level that may otherwise be unattainable.

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Additional Information

Colour Weight

Red – Light, Purple – Medium, Blue – Heavy


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