Glute Resistance Band

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Exercise resistant bands are the new fitness craze helping you tone up your thighs, calves, bums and tums. These exercise bands are compact, lightweight, durable and can even be an effective replacement to an expensive gym membership.

The band placed around different parts of your lower body and increases the resistance when performing exercises, either bodyweight or with weights. By increasing the resistance, you can target specific muscles to work harder and achieve the athletic figure you always wanted.

Perfect for those creating a home gym and an excellent addition to your gym bag, discover why exercise bands can help you get better results quicker. These bands are even ideal to help with mobility issues and injury recovery.

Unlike other models, our exercise bands have been designed to avoid twisting and rolling up in the middle of your reps. Stay focused with our high-quality performance resistance bands that get results. If toning your body is the aim, then our resistance bands are the name in the game!


Glute band
  • Multi Resistance Bands
  • Multipurpose and Affordable Gym Bag Add-on
  • Non-slip Design Means Your Workout is Never Interrupted
  • Made From Durable High-Grade Material
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Included


  • Allows You To Target Specific Muscles

  • Improves Strength, Fitness and Flexibility

  • Increases Your Workout Options At Home And In The Gym

  • Perfect For All Ages And Abilities

  • Cost-Effective Way To Get Beach-Body Ready!

How to Use Resistance Bands

Resistant bands are so easy to use.

Anybody from gym newbies to stay-at-home mums can use our resistance bands instantly.

Either place your resistant band on the floor and step inside it one foot at a time – or sit down and put your feet through the band one at a time before standing up.

Make sure the band is not twisted before starting an exercise.

How high or low the band is placed beneath or above the knees will change the intensity of the exercise – depending on the exercise that you are executing.

glute band folded

Popular Exercises with Our Resistance Bands

Bodyweight exercises don’t always get you the best results but by adding our exercise bands to your routine, you never need gym equipment to lose weight and gain strength.

Our exercise bands are often used as part of squats, hip thrusts, side steps and abduction and adduction exercises. They can also be incorporated within a weight training programme to add intensity and improve technique.

Some customers choose to use their fitness bands as part of yoga and Pilates workouts too.

Buy our resistance bands today and watch the magic happen!

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