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Fruit Infused Water

Infused water is one possible means of adding extra hydration into one’s diet. Infused water is the practice of putting fruits, vegetables, or herbs into water to add flavour without adding calories. 

Water is important to drink and can become a little boring so adding flavour to the water creates a positive experience while drinking water. The positive experience of drinking infused water encourages people to drink more water, which is good for overall health. 

Some positive benefits of drinking infused water include feeling more full, improving one’s mood, helping to regulate body temperature, and promoting overall stability in a body.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs all have nutrients that are water soluble which run off into the water when water is infused into a container.

Run off vitamins and minerals also improve joint health and preserve energy over the course of the day. Water plays a key role in helping maintain general life balance and adding an incentive can help people do more of a behaviour which is beneficial to them.


Looking after your body is easy enough when you know what you’re doing but one thing we often forget is to spice up what we’re drinking. We know that when we exercise we need to keep hydrated but water can get boring so quickly. Infused water is a great addition to anyone’s diet.

Here are tasty ideas to keep your tastebuds happy

Cucumber Infused Water

cucumber infused water

Cucumber infused water uses cucumber and water as the main ingredients. It is important to prepare the cucumber by washing the cucumber to get rid of any chemicals that may be on the skin of the cucumber.

Slice the cucumber after washing, and then places the cucumber circles in a pitcher and fill the pitcher with water. It is best if you let the water stay in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

Cucumber water also has a variety of health benefits: it raises metabolism which helps people lose weight, it enables people to use a superfood in an accessible manner in one’s diet, and it provides a thorough detox of one’s body.

Lemon Water

lemon detox water

Lemon Water requires only two ingredients as well: lemons and water. However, lemon water is a good base for adding fruit flavours because lemon water creates a lightly flavoured lemonade. 

Possible additions to lemon water would be strawberries, raspberries, or peaches.

In addition, lemon water provides a large amount of Vitamin C, which helps improve body function. Lemon water also has potassium, magnesium, and copper, these minerals are important for electrolyte balance and mental health.

Strawberry Mint Water

strawberry mint water

As simple as chopping up a few strawberries (minus the leafy tops) and adding a few mint leaves to some water, this delicious addition to your workout will completely alter your life.

Perfect for hydrating in the warm weather, make a pitcher for your next party and see everyone’s warm smiles as they task this delicious concoction.

To release even more flavour, try tearing up the mint leaves to really get the fragrance running.


Blackberry Mint Water

blackberry mint

This delicious little recipe is great for your immune system. The flavanoids that give blackberries their colour are packed full of antioxidants that will give you an extra boost through your workouts.

Add blackberries and mint leaves to some water and leave it to sit for a minimum of two hours, better yet make it up before you go to bed and the tart sweetness will awaken your tastebuds before the rest of your body has given a second thought about how tired it is!


Watermelon Basil Water

watermelon basil infused waterThis tasty couple pair well in all kinds of things from salads to salsas but are especially tasty in water.

Chop up some watermelon (with rinds if you’re lay like me!) and just pop it into the water with a few basil leaves.

This special little combination looks especially summery and lives up to it’s delicious sounding name.



Lemon Mint & Cucumber Water 

Lemon Mint Cucumber infused waterEach one of these ingredients is known for it’s powerful detoxing but when the sumptuous trio are combined magic happens.

Lemon, a well known detoxing agent, combined with the cucumber and mint will make your gym trips a thing of ease.

The mint works to aid in digestion and the cucumber has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Who knew something so healthy could taste so delicious?


The extra vitamins and minerals will improve your quality of life and overall health. I hope that you take time to experiment with different combinations to find an infused water recipe that fits your preferences.