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ammfitness Elasticated Knee Support Bandage Reduce the Pain and discomfort in the knees area. Provides Compression and warmth to knee injury.. Product #: KS001 Regular price: $4.99 $4.99

Elasticated Knee Support Bandage


Product Code: KS001

Product Information

If you experience discomfort in your knee or arm as a result of injury or from an arthritic condition, this product will provide the needed pain relief. It can also help to support a dislocated elbow joint or knee cap.

For your gym and other sporting workouts, this elasicated bandage pad will assist in injury prevention while giving you great comfort because it is made from breathable, lightweight fabric.

The stretch material allows it to adapt to the shape of your arm or knee for ease of movement and flexibility.

This product is carefully crafted and provides extra padding to injury prone areas in order to cushion the effect of sudden impact on them.