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Calisthenics Equipment

Choosing The Right Equipment For Your Home and Outdoor Gym

Calisthenics are a range of exercises that rely mainly on a person’s bodyweight as resistance with minimal equipment to support exercises. These exercises can range in difficulty and vary in stages of intensity and rhythm. Callisthenic exercises encourage the development of strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination ‘simply’ through moving your own bodyweight.

The development of a strong athletic body through calisthenics is quickly becoming a staple with many exercise programmes and sport performers. With a mainstream gym now on every corner charging you the earth to enter it is no wonder people are using their minds, bodies and environment to create the body they want. Building muscle on a budget is here, what’s more free, financially and liberating than using your own bodyweight as the load as you progress through beginner to expert exercises.

A few ‘tools of the trade’ can support you to reach your health and wellbeing goals faster, allowing you to create your best body in the comfort of your own home surroundings.

Calisthenics Home and Gym Equipment

The pull-up bar is your ‘go-to’ piece of equipment for calisthenics; this versatile bar will help transform your body in weeks. Everyone wants to be seen doing pull-ups, it offers the perfect exercise to target the large muscle groups of the back as well as options to work on your core stabilising muscles and abdominals. A good pull-up bar is strong and able to hold your bodyweight, either one that fits in your door way or a more permanent fixture for your garage or outside wall.

The pull-up can be done with multiple grip positions for different kinds of pull ups and workouts. You may find you can just do one to start, just about. However, the beauty of calisthenics is that one can turn into three in a matter of weeks. Before you know it, you have a workout routine that starts and ends with the perfect pull-up.

Resistance bands are calisthenics best friend and can make a huge difference in your calisthenics progression. These bands will be with you from the very start of your journey right through to support more expert and difficult movements and exercises. If you do not have the strength to complete exercises, such as the pull-ups and dip, then a resistance band can act as your ‘spotter’ to support you to complete the set or rep. This is where real progression is made.

Resistance bands are designed to support you through an exercise, to help with correct form and to build strength and muscle from exercises you otherwise would not be able to complete. These bands help you perform multiple reps before fatigue, helping you increase muscle time under tension to boost growth.

As you develop in strength and power then the resistance band can be less relied upon for that particular exercise. However, we are always looking for more, much more. In which case the bands come with you to the next difficulty along your calisthenics journey, as there are endless ways to use bands to improve performance, strength and power, as well as recovery and training.

Whether you are a keen gym-goer or not, the gymnastic rings are very often something people shy away from, until now. Calisthenic exercises using gymnastic rings can build serious strength and coordination. As long as the rings are used with appropriate progression, this tool can be your shortcut to huge muscle gains in your upper body. The rings aim to build the straight-arm strength, which is so important in calisthenics across a range of exercises and a variety of movements.

Some of us may have only seen these used during gymnastics on the television, but if you can acquire your own then be ready for your body to develop areas and muscle groups you have never worked before. The rings are a piece of calisthenics equipment only suitable and advisable for intermediate/advanced athletes, but can be used in developmental and progression workouts to encourage the body to engage large muscle groups as well as many, if not all stabilising muscles.

Such a simple and basic piece of equipment, although in calisthenics very much one of the most important. This bodyweight speciality will require you to be using your body, on the floor. The right exercise mat can support you to manoeuvre your body, prevent injury as well as provide a strong platform to complete reps and exercises.

The fundamental movements of calisthenics such as squats, push-ups, sit-up, planks and so forth will all be better executed on a workout mat.

This piece of equipment will improve your comfort as well as encourage your focus, form and performance. If you work out at home on carpet, then a sturdy mat with less padding will be sufficient. However, exercising on concrete in the garage or outside will require a stable mat with padding to support your movements.

These bars help target your upper body through a range of exercises that engage your chest, triceps, and front deltoids. They can also be used as parallel bars for an upper body workout as well as a stable base to perform abdominal and core exercises.

These bars can be attached to the wall, or you can get them in a ‘stand’ format, either way lowering your body between them with your back straight, head and chest up with a firm grip on each will bar will build the upper body you’ve always wanted. Try dips of 8 to 10 reps before holding both bars with your arms straight and slowly raising your legs out in front you for 20 seconds to complete your upper body and core burn out.

Calisthenics encourages you to use the urban and rural world around you to perform your workout; whether it’s pull-ups on a tree branch, or dips between two posts you can get your body moving anywhere. In which case, your water bottle needs to there with you for when you need it.

A sturdy water bottle is required within calisthenics as its going to spend a lot of time outside, on the floor and knocked over across your workout journey. It is also beneficial for your bottle to be larger in volume than normal, as you will be burning lots of calories during your workout, as well as being outside and not close to a perfectly placed water fountain at a gym.

Calisthenics demands a lot from your body during their workouts, often using multiple large muscle groups at any given time. In which case being dehydrated is a real possibility, leading to headaches, feeling tired, poor performance and so forth. We are made up of 70% water so having the right bottle at the right time will help you make full use of your workout every single time.

Your water bottle is required for good health and strong calisthenic performance, wherever your training!

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