Arm & Elbow Supports

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Athletes in various sports suffer many types of arm and elbow injuries, such as elbow contusion, elbow dislocation, tricep strain and ulna nerve injury.

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There are various supports and braces, which are used in treating injuries to the ligaments, joints and bones. Their function is to stabilise the injured joint, thereby promoting the healing process. The type or kind of the support and brace depends on the type and location of the injury. Neoprene elbow supports are more appropriate where there is arthritis and joint pain in the elbow joint, or for support following an elbow fracture or elbow surgery. The warmth and support of the neoprene elbow support is extremely therapeutic and can help to relieve pain and swelling. The arm comprises the following bones: the humerus, which is located above the elbow and the radius and ulna, which are located in the forearm. Any of these bones can be fractured or broken; one or more bones can be fractured at a time. Fractured arms comprise of about 50% of all total fractures. It is a common injury affecting both adults and children.

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